• Last Updated: 23rd April 2020, 3:30 PM

  • Solaku Sdn Bhd (“we”, “our”, or “Belibeli”) is committed to protecting the Customer rights of all users and visitors to our website and all users and visitors who access our website or services through any mobile application (collectively, “Platform”).

  1. Definition

    1. Service – The Belibeli website or app developed by Solaku Sdn Bhd which receives Online Bookings from Customers and delegates it to the correct Business Partners for the latter to deliver the booked goods or services.

    1. Customer – Individuals or companies who make Online Booking with the Platform Business Partners.

    1. Business Partner – The independent partners of the Platform who provide Items based on Online Bookings which consists of Delivery Partners, Service Partners and Merchant Partners.

    1. Item – The goods or service booked by Customer in an Online Booking

    1. Online Booking – The request for goods or service of a Business Partner made from Belibeli website or app.

  1. Application for the Return/Refund of an Item

    1. Customer may only apply for the return/refund of an Item based on the following conditions:

      1. Customer has not received the Item

      2. The Item (goods) is defective or damaged on delivery

      3. The Item (service) is incomplete

      4. Business Partner has provided an Item which does not match the requirements of the Customer as booked online from the Platform.

    1. Customer’s application must only be submitted through Belibeli Platform.

    1. Solaku will review each Customer’s application on a case-by-case basis and determine whether the Customer’s application is successful.

  1. Condition of Returning Item

    1. For physical Item, Customers must return it to the Business Partner with the original condition, packaging or receipts if applicable.

    2. For service Item, Customer must take picture of the service rendered by the Business Partner to show the incomplete or wrongly implemented Items.

      1. If the error is caused by the Business Partner’s end (i.e. faulty Item, wrong coloured Item or service done wrongly), the Business Partner will bear the shipping or delivery fee as well as the additional costs.

  1. Refunds

    1. Customer has the rights to obtain a one-to-one replacement Item, completion of service Item, or monetary refund of the Item from the Business Partners as stipulated by the Consumer Protection Act 1999.

    2. In the event where Belibeli does not get response from Business Partner within a specific time period after the request is made, Belibeli will at liberty refund the applicable amount to the Customer without further notice from the Business Partner.

    3. The refund will be made to the Customer’s designated bank account or platform credit points, whichever is applicable.

  1. Communications Between Customer and Business Partners

    1. Belibeli is a platform for Customers to conduct trading and Customers are encouraged to contact the Business Partners directly for issues relating to the Item booked.