WeGÖ is developed and managed by SolakuSdnBhd (1280947-P). We are a small tech-entrepreneurship originating from the riverine town of Sibu, Sarawak. We've loved every minute of our journey.
    Established in 2014, Solaku began as a humble micro-business repairing computers, delivering random goods to customers, and designing websites for other fellow micro-businesses. However, in 2016 the 3 industries inevitably merged and contributed to the idea to create an online platform; BeliBeli24 was born.
    On 13 March 2017, the online platform went viral and we found ourselves suddenly needed to run as a full-fledged internet company with a new major goal in mind; to serve for the betterment of mankind. We immediately set up office and hired amazing individuals to make our mission a success.

  • Leaving Positive Social Impact
    As we grow, we were pleased with the results the platform has on local businesses and communities. We provided additional profit to small, medium and even established businesses through online bookings. Delivery Partners, both part time and full time, generated a decent income of MYR50 - MYR250 a day (USD12 - USD61). Our effort did not go unnoticed as we were invited to be one of MDEC partner platforms to provide gig economy jobs to Malaysians.

  • Recognition by Malaysian Government
    In December 2017, we were surprised by an award from the Ministry of Finance which recognized our effort and social impact. This further encouraged our effort to spread the platform across Sarawak.

  • Federal and State Support
    In 2018, our effort was further recognized by the Sarawak state government and Malaysian federal government. With cooperation and grant funding by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), we began developing our platforms to benefit the society even more effectively.

  • WeGÖ™ and Beyond
    On 31st March 2019, we announced the introduction of WeGÖ, the successor of BeliBeli24. WeGÖ is to be the all-in-one platform which helps make Malaysia and Southeast Asia a prosperous region during the Industrial Revolution 4.0. We welcome partners to join us before we go full online on 1st July 2020.
    Our journey continues!